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True β˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘­

Food for the puyatera.

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Hahaha. Bitchy comment as always.


Always and forever.

I love old people - Willy Wonka

My heart breaks every time I see elders gathering garbage in wee hours (12 midnight or so). They should be sleeping soundly and resting their weak body; but for some unfortunate circumstances some still need to work to provide for their children and worst for their grandchildren.

For these instances we can say that life is unfair but some of them don’t mind because they already accepted the fate of what they are/have right now.

Sometimes I think who am I to complain while I can buy majority of what I want while others can’t even feed their family.
Who I am to judge while I can do what I want while others need to work hard just to stay alive.
Who I am to rant about shallow things while others need to look for something useful to earn money.

I am just too blessed to complain. I have great parents who provide everything I want/need. I just wish all is fair in life.
No more old people working just to stay alive in this unfair world.
No more hungry children who sleep on sidewalks.
No more crimes just to provide food and shelter for their family.

How I wish those are possible in this world … …

I will always be a Harry Potter kid :)

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Semur-en-Auxois, France (by Dichtung & Wahrheit)

Sooooon …




You can change the direction this train is moving just by thinking about it.

This fucked me up.


Mind F!

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Here’s my Flash back Friday - Tumblr Edition :)

Photo taken during Dinagyang 2012 in Ilo-Ilo (Ati-Atihan tribe’s special dance participation during the event)

Happy Dinagyang - Hala Bira!

*I miss traveling. Sooooon again, I hope.
*I wish I can witness Sinulog this weekends

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